What are the top 3 gambling games in Indonesia?

Although gambling is still illegal in Indonesia, that does not stop Indonesians from gambling.

This is especially true now it is so easy to gamble on the Internet, and most Indonesian-owned online casinos, like Judi Slot,  have every gambling game their compatriots enjoy.

What are the top three gambling games in Indonesia though, or more likely what are the top three games Indonesians gamble on when they are online?


The slots — Just like every other nationality, the slot machine games are hugely popular with Indonesians online. The is particularly true when you look at the games they enjoy playing, as every slot machine they could possibly want to gamble on is available in online casinos.

Indonesians love games like Book of the Dead, Eye of Horus, Burning Hot, Cleopatra, Polar Paws, Goldstruck, Rising Royals, Lost Vegas and TV and movie-themed slots like Game of Thrones and The Goonies.

Indonesians also tend to play progressive slots more than random slots as, while they may pay out less, when they do the pay out can be very high.

Poker — Just like the rest of the world, Indonesians also love to play poker. Indonesian-owned casinos pander to that by offering a huge number of poker games for their Indonesian players.

Due to this, games like Poker 3-Kartu, Poker Stud Karibia, Poker Pai Gow, and Poker Video have become hugely popular, and are growing in popularity monthly.

Indonesians also love to play poker due to the ability to gamble at any level. This is because most online casinos allow their patrons to join poker games with stakes at $1 or less, or to join games with stakes in the hundreds of dollars.

This means every gambler is free to play the games they enjoy, whether they have a large amount of money for gambling purposes or not.

Domino QQ — Once just a game Indonesians played behind closed doors, nowadays domino qq is easily available to play online, and Indonesians are taking advantage of that fact.

Domino qq is a game played with dominoes and, very much like poker, is played in groups. Just like poker, bets are made on specific domino qq cards as the game commences. That money is placed in the pot and is added to as other rounds are played. The person that eventually wins claims the money in the pot.


Gambling in Indonesia safely — If you are new to gambling in Indonesia, you should be aware it is much safer to gamble online than it is in an underground club. This is why so many Indonesians now do it.

Just be sure you find a reputable VPN to go through if you decide to gamble online, as this will prevent you from being discovered by your ISP or by the police.