Newbies Common Soccer Betting Mistakes

Football betting or also known as truc tiep bong da hom nay, is an interesting activity and very lucrative if only you can avoid unnecessary mistakes. It’s just an investment similar to stock markets thus it should be approached with caution and attention. To achieve the greatness of football betting, one needs to be ambitious and well informed. It is crucial to know that each mistake made costs you money but this should not worry you. Once you understand the mistakes you make and the money you lose you will probably become a pro gambler. Newbies are the target group especially when it comes to betting mistakes due to their shallow understanding of gambling matters. Today, we will discuss common mistakes newbies make that lead them to constant losses.


Lack of patience.

Impatience is the overriding mistake in all newbies because most of them think betting is about luck. When you bet as a real pro, patience is paramount since you need to research well and remain disciplined.


Too much trust in experts.

As a punter, it is always advisable to get professional help but it is not advisable to follow them blindly since you also need to conduct your research. Newbies take advantage of numerous betting experts on the internet to help them with football betting but in turn, they get exploited. They tend over-rely on the betting expert’s information and opinions and let them influence their football betting decision. It is important to know each expert will predict differently. If you become disciplined and careful, you can also become an expert on your own.


Multiple bets.

Newbies tend to believe they can win big by placing multiple bets using very little money. Betting sites take advantage of this and they are always encouraging punters to do so. Chances of winning such kinds of bets are very small and it’s evident that it’s only a few people who win.

A longer bet slip only benefits the betting site. Most pros only concentrate on small and sure odds only


Ignoring starting lineups.

Most newbies do not take into consideration the starting lineups of the teams playing. Most of them rely on multiple bets that run for days with the hope of winning big. Multiple bets are not encouraged. Newbies who run such kinds of bets do not factor the starting eleven data which is normally available one hour before the match. Sometimes important players might miss from the lineup and the game will take a different dimension. This data is very important and it can improve your betting earnings and experience.



Most newbies let emotions determine their bets. Even if it is your favorite team playing but the statistics don’t favor it, you should not place it. In this case, you should choose to be a wise punter, not a fan

Emotions are not allowed in gambling since in this business, there is losing and winning.