The wave of gambling

Gambling has been common throughout the Indonesian culture for more than 700 years. In Indonesia, this new wave of Gambling started during the Paleolithic period where Gambling was just starting to make a name for itself. Gambling was first created in China, where Chinese influences created a widespread game to be brought into the Indonesian culture. Records have shown that the first use of playing cards came from the 9th century. This than sparked the interest of citizens in the Indonesian culture. Trading for materialize goods has dated back to our ancestors and soon became one of the motivations for starting a gambling society in Indonesia.

 Moving forward

For centuries, gambling in Indonesia has become one of the most engraved traditions that has made a huge effect on their culture as a whole. This “new wave” of entertainment, has sparked interest from around the world. This led to other countries starting to catch on in the gambling scene. As the Gambling world started to grow and emerge into the new culture of today’s society. Many people believe that technology has played a huge role in expanding the game and creating more opportunities to trade and make money. Technology has allowed us to stay more connected in the world than ever before. Government policies have made it harder to make gambling legal in all parts of Indonesia. Nevertheless, the history of the game of gambling is still reaching to new heights and proportions to this day (see vslots88). There has been some controversy due to the fact that Indonesian citizens believe that the government is taking their will to live and their violation of human rights away.

 The next challenge

This major outbreak has led citizens to turn to law makers to help fight this cause that gambling is more than just a game. As more organizations are trying to speak out about this infraction of human rights, the government has quickly shut down services of gambling and has now made it only somewhat legal in Indonesia. A recent poll has shown that most Indonesian citizens believe that they should hold the right to gamble. They believe that taking away something that has been part of their culture is a major violation of their rights and an insult to the history of their ancestors. More than just a game has been a slogan used to bring up the past and present future and what it can hold for the gambling world as we know it. Not only are citizens fighting for equality, but also trying to keep their heritage and traditions alive. Without gambling we would be losing a piece of the Indonesian culture and a piece of history that we could never get back.