The Past, Present, and Future of Online Gaming and the Casino Industry

Do you remember 1994? Yeah, I know. It feels like a long time ago; and yet, it also feels like yesterday (at the same time). The Microgaming Company created the first-ever online casino.

Now, cut to two decades later, we have seen more growth and development in the online casino industry than we ever expected. Back in 1994, we were dealing with simple pixels and imagery. Now, the pixels have been replaced by the flash drive animations and high-definition displays, as well as other things.

The menus of 1994 started with your basic BlackJack and Roulette games, and now, they have transitioned into a full-blown floor display, offering everything a brick and mortar casino might.

That gets you thinking about what is going to happen in the next 20 years. I mean, 1994 flew by like that. Now we are in 2020 and look at how far we have come in those 20 years. That is why a lot of people are wondering what 2040 and beyond is going to look like concerning online gambling and online casinos.

Remember that the casinos of today are nothing like what they used to be. Nothing is. We look back at 1994 and the years before and after, and we wonder how we evolved to this moment. Can we expect the same story in 2040 or will we be seeing something different?

The Future Is Upon Us (Whether We Want To Admit It or Not).

According to data and studies published four years ago, the online casino world will continue to grow. Right now, the industry is worth about $67 billion (that is an increase of six x what it was back in 2014). Within the next few years (six years), insiders are expecting it to increase more.

That means the money is pouring in and will continue to poor in. We are in an age where people love money. I mean, people have always had a love of money, but it has steadily increased over the years.

Online slots have been taken over by VR Revolutions and NetEnt. The days of old-fashioned slots and pulling the lever are all but extinct. Most of this will require updated technology from your end.

Welcome To Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has changed everything. Virtual Reality has also begun transforming the live dealer games. Most of the table games will be offered in live dealer format in the foreseeable future.

Remember the show, “The Jetsons”? We used to watch that show thinking that could never happen to us in real life. Well, we are slowing becoming that tv show, and online casinos, like, are using that to their advantage. Computers have taken over, and the online casino world is part of it.