How and When to Move Up Stakes in Online Poker

In poker, increasing your stakes when you are reigning over your rival can increase your win rate. It is not easy to know when to move your stakes up; it’s down to instincts, game situation, and your poker strengths. Always back your move up when you have a healthy bankroll amount. Here are some things to consider before moving up your stakes:

Ensure You Are Winning


Our ideas of winning while in-game are momentarily impulsive. The best way to make a call on whether you are winning is your current 홀덤 poker form. How have your recent poker sessions been? Are you winning or losing? Online software allows you to track your recent performances. Which is a good way to figure out your key areas of strength and weakness. The reason you have to be on a winning streak is that higher levels equate stiffer competition.

What’s your Bankroll?


You can’t play poker without enough money. Your money is your bankroll, and it should be healthy and strong before moving up stakes. Before moving up, you should have a way to recoup your bankroll in case you lose. If your bankroll risk is low, go higher, especially when on a winning streak. Your potential to easily return your bankroll stakes will be higher as you move up higher. Always stake smart and ensure you don’t lose all your bankroll after few attempts.


Bankroll advice varies depending on your numbers and the limit level. The general rules are 600 binds can sufficiently set you up for a game. However, this does not incorporate your playing style and current streak. Tailoring your bankroll also easily allows you to stay flexible depending on the game and opponent. Here are some tips for managing your bankroll:


  • A maximum bankroll buy-in of 20-40 for no-limit or limits in pot games
  • When playing in competitions of big multi-table tournaments, it is common to bankroll 100-200 buy-ins



How Are You Feeling?


Your confidence, mentality, and comfort matter a lot when playing poker. If your mindset is in an uncomfortable space, chances are your overall game will be sloppy. Your mentality also decides whether you are risk-averse or willing to risk and staking higher up. Perhaps the safety assurance of low-risk stakes appeals more to you. Confidence is a double-edged sword, and you could also be impacted by over-confidence. When you are on a hot winning form, you might believe in your instincts blindly and make mistakes. Be confident but stay grounded. That’s the optimal psychological condition for moving up the stakes.


Moving up to higher stakes is not only about player status or adventure but also making more money. So, depending on your motivations and bankroll, figure out the best time and techniques to upgrade the limit levels.