Advanced tips for betting on football games

When you know what button to hit to make a bet tick, betting is a fun game to play. When you don’t know how to bet properly, it might be frustrating. The majority of bettors only wager on a home win, a draw, or an away win (1×2). Most bettors are unaware that there is much more to betting than 1×2. To advance and take your betting expertise to the next level, use the following technique.


Handicapping Strategy

Another gem in betting that most people are unaware of is handicapping. When you want to generate money from betting, this market is quite useful. What is the definition of handicap? Handicap is a method of balancing the strengths of two opposing teams. The stronger squad is the favorite, while the weaker squad is the underdog.


Chelsea, for example, is playing Leeds at (-2) and (+2), respectively. It means that if you bet (-2) on Chelsea to win, they must score three or more goals against Leeds for your wager to win. Conversely, if you bet on Leeds to win at (2) versus Chelsea and lose by two goals, then the bet is a draw, and your stake reimbursed to you, giving you an advantage.


Take Advantage of First or Second Half Markets

Using the first and second half markets will increase your chances of winning by at least 80%. In the first half, one of these markets is total over 0.5 and under 1.5. In the first half, most teams will score at least one goal, but not two, especially when two teams of equal strength are playing. Therefore, placing a bet on the favorite team to score first or second half has appealing odds, and the wager usually wins.


Another strategy is to wager on the underdog not to score a goal in the first half. Because the favored team is usually better than the underdog, it prevents the underdog from scoring, ensuring that your bet wins. You won’t get disappointed if you do your research on the games and pick evenly matched sides. Then, give it a draw in the first half, and you will win the bet.


Avoid Long Accumulators

Most punters have a long list of games on a single accumulator in the hopes of winning large. The problem with such a big list is that it may contain one or two trap games, resulting in your bet not winning. Break down that enormous list of games as much as possible into three or four games per accumulator, and the result will be stunning.


To summarize, if you want to improve your betting skills and win large, follow the above guidelines and practice self-control. It will help you reduce the urge to place more games, and the betting arena (see em 2021 betting) will be yours.