What are the top 5 sports to bet on for the best results?

If you are considering seriously getting into sports betting (for example on http://www.sbobet.io/sports/football-855.html), but have not had much experience in the past, you are better starting with the top five bets sports to bet on for the best results.


Football — While America talks about soccer, most of the rest of the world calls the sport football. Football is the most popular sport on the planet, with well over one billion people following the game at any one time. It is also one of the top five sports to bet on.


Football is a great sport to bet on as there are games ongoing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means there will never be a time where you cannot place a bet. It also means you will be able to bet on games and tournaments all over the world.


There are also a variety of excellent options when it comes to placing bets on football. These can be straight bets like betting on a win or a loss, or bets like guessing the number of goals that will be scored or the player that will score them.


Tennis — Tennis has become one of the top five sports to bet on in recent years due to the huge number of tournaments taking place at any one time.


Tennis is also a relatively simple sport to bet on as, in most cases, you are betting on the player that will win or the number of sets they will win.


Horse racing — Horse racing has been a popular sport to bet on for hundreds of years. In the 21st century, it is no different.


With thousands of horse races taking place every month, there are plenty of opportunities to bet and to win. It is also a sport where there is a huge amount of information about it online. This means you can be a knowledgeable gambler before you even begin placing bets.


Basketball — While betting on basketball is primarily an American pastime, the sport has also become popular in countries like Japan, France, Germany and the UK in recent years.


With hundreds of basketball teams to bet on, there are thousands of betting opportunities. You can also place simple bets like betting on the team that will win, or make it more complicated by betting on the number of points scored.


Baseball — Baseball is another sport that is popular with sports gamblers. Especially as the game used to only be popular in America, but is now moving out to other areas of the world as well.


Japan has many baseball games, as do countries like Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, South Korea and China. All of these games can be gambled on, and most have a huge number of lucrative opportunities for just about any gambler.