The 3 Low-Risk Bets for Ice Hockey

It is a known fact that Ice Hockey betting is one of the easiest sports to bet on and make profits from. It’s a really fun and easy sport to predict. Now, if a hockey team is supposed to win nine times out of ten, that team will win, but handicappers have to do their homework on the statistics, trends, and angles. Many sports fans have been doing this for years.



Understand the Basics of Ice Hockey Wagering


Once the punter understands the basics, he has an advantage on how to pick the winning team. So, here’s the basics, first eliminate the ties and game-deciding shootouts, so gamblers don’t have to worry about the point spread and just focus on the winning team. The second basic tip is to bet on the underdog and understand the money line. A minus money line is used for the favorite and a plus is used for the underdog. This means that you need to wager an “X” amount to win a +100.


Betting plus means that the speculator will win that amount for every $100 wagered. So, if the punter is new to wagering – let’s say if he is going to wager on an underdog, that plus 220. The gambler has to bet $100 to win $100 plus $220 profits. It’s a great bet, if the handicapper does his analysis, and he wins the bet, it can lead to some serious profits.


Pick the Goalie


A strong goalie is a good way to choose the winning team. This is the most crucial position in hockey. A stronger goalie is going to have a better chance at winning than wagering on the home team. Many bettors have heard of the home team advantage when players are away for multiple games. In addition, they tend to be slower and more fatigued, as well as having less practice. A speculator must always read the sports pages on any goalie injuries. It is better to pass the bet if there are any last-minute goalie substitutes.


Choosing the Home Team


The home team usually enjoys an advantage. Hockey teams fall into two categories: teams of fineness and teams of strength. Finesse teams are captivating to watch because they are graceful. Those teams that are brutal and play rough are the strength teams. A smart bettor would much rather speculate on the strength team because when the game comes to an end, that strength team is going to win a lot more bets.


A bettor must follow a system that uses trends, angles and a good picking system to find the winning teams. If a person is busy, he can subscribe to various sports handicappers online. For example, check out Bónus da 1xbet Portugal.