Soccer vs NFL – what’s more popular when it comes to betting

Soccer is the current reigning sport in the world. With 250 million players from around 200 countries worldwide, soccer is undoubtedly the most-watched and talked about sport worldwide. Famous soccer players are highly revered in households, and fans have fierce loyalties. As a result of the massive popularity of the sport, it invites attention from bookmakers across all major casinos and sports betting sites. As a result, it is the most bet on sports worldwide.

In contrast to the rest of the world, most of the population in the US is inclined towards other sports, including American Football and, basketball etc. The Super Bowl continues to be the biggest crowd puller in the country. The betting on football is so lucrative that billions of dollars are wagered on an individual match in the super bowl tournament. However, outside of the US, although the NFL does draw attention from fans and bookies, it pales in comparison to the hold that soccer has presently.

However, tides are shifting, and other forms of sports are slowly gaining traction in the country. With renowned players participating in the MSL (Major Soccer League), it is no surprise that soccer fever is slowly catching on in the US. As a result, the sport is beginning to gather quite a fan following in the country. Although it is quite far behind the NFL at the moment, its popularity is on the rise, and there is a high possibility that soon, soccer will be amongst the top contenders in sports betting in the US.

There are a few aspects that make soccer a prominently popular togel thailand betting choice. Let’s have a look.

It has a global presence.

Just like the NFL has a strong presence in the US, soccer is played worldwide, and almost every country has a league or a team. In addition, legendary soccer players are household names everywhere across the globe. The English Premier League is currently the most followed league globally, with a viewership of around 200 million people. Other major leagues include the European league and the FIFA world cup tournament etc.

It gets a lot of media attention.

Soccer games are telecasted across all the major media channels worldwide. In addition, the sport gets dedicated televised transmissions for discussions on ongoing tournaments, team and players’ performances and strategies. Furthermore, casino sites provide live streaming of the ongoing series matches to provide bettors with the chance to place live bets.

It is exciting

If you ever get to watch a soccer match, you will find the experience enthralling. The crowd energy is contagious and absolutely mesmerizing. Not only is the game exciting, betting on the sport is equally exhilarating. In addition, the sport offers opportunities to place different kinds of bets which are rewarding as well.

What’s the verdict?

If we solely consider the US market, the NFL crosses MSL by quite a margin in business revenues. For instance, in 2018, NFL garnered revenue of around $14billion, while the figure for MSL lingered somewhere around $650 million. Therefore, for betting purposes, the NFL continues to be a popular choice for now, while numbers for soccer continue to grow. Alternatively, if we consider the global scale, soccer exceeds American football by quite a margin.