Place Your Bets! How is South Korea Gambling?

The Facts Say. . .

Gambling has become something of a cultural symbol in the United States. Images in the media from movies and TV shows paint life in casinos as grandiose and spectacular; however, this is far from the universal reality throughout the rest of the world. In South Korea in fact it’s the exact opposite as the government outright fights against gambling. The government even goes above and beyond by making it illegal for Koreans to gamble throughout the world. As to why the law is so strict for Koreans is debatable. Despite the laws in place, many people have brought up that gambling has its financial upsides. Look at places like the United Kingdom where the gambling industry has brought in as much as 15 billion euros and has created more than 10,000 jobs. The proof is most certainly in the pudding but is the South Korean government partaking?


Many countries have taken notice of South Korea and created a supply to fill a demand. Countries such as North Korea, Malaysia, and China have created online gambling sites specifically targeted toward South Korean consumers. A great example is 먹튀검증. This temptation can easily extend outside the walls Asia as many of these gambling sites aim to use themes that make use of popular culture references. This can potentially have an effect on the exportation of a countries culture once again proving that gambling has its benefits. In fact, gambling is so lucrative that even the South Korean government has taken notice and made some steps to start throwing their own hat in the ring. South Korea has created a public casino that prohibits South Koreans from partaking but encourages foreigners. This was a very peculiar occurrence as you had South Korean employees placed in a casino. That being said, the money has to be taken into account.

So What Now?

Honestly. . . No one really knows exactly what’s in the future for South Korea and a gambling industry. For so long, Gambling has had negative repercussions for the people of the country and has been legally fought against by the South Korean government. There have been negative consequences in the country as well. Internet gambling has taken off in the country and many consumers use VPNs to discretely gamble; however, such an unregulated business has cons. Gambling addiction and problems related to excessive gambling have been said to be a concern for South Koreans in manner similar to how alcoholism was a rampant issue during prohibition in the United States. Though the future may seem shaky, one thing is for certain. South Korea has to figure out if they’re betting on casinos or not.