Why do people love the Book of Ra?

If you play online slot machine games and really enjoy them when you do, you may have had several people tell you that you should be playing the Book of Ra. If you have not followed their advice and started to play it yet, you really should.

After all, when it is one of the most popular games online and has been for some time, there must be more than one reason people love it so much.

Why do people love the Book of Ra? — Some people have been playing the Book of Ra (you can play here: Book Of Ra kostenlos spielen) for months. With that level of commitment to an online slot machine game, there must be a few reasons why the game is so good. In fact, there are many.

People love the Book of Ra as it is well designed. The graphics are cool, the game has loud, exciting sound effects and the adventure and Egypt theme is something people also love.

When you throw in that it is easy to learn but difficult to master, and that there are an infinite number of ways to win, then it is no wonder people love the Book of Ra so much.

Win lines are key — The many win lines are just one of the reasons people love to play the Book of Ra.

These win lines are more than double the win lines of an average slot machine game, so they give you many more opportunities to win on every spin.

Bonus games — Another wonderful thing about playing the Book of Ra is that the game also offers bonus games on many of the spins you play. If you bet on every win line, those bonus games will come up for you even more often.

As for what winning a bonus game does? Any bonus game you get to play is a free spin. That means you have one more chance to win without spending any money at all. If on your previous spin you bet on all the win lines, your bonus game with have the same bet on all the win lines as well. That means you have even more opportunities to win with a free spin.

A great way to practice — The Book of Ra comes with a free version of the game as well as the usual paid one. Many people avoid this and go right into the betting version of the game but you are kind of silly if you do.

Think of it this way. If you use the free version of the game for an hour or two, that gives you valuable time to see how the game plays without spending any money at all. It gives you time to create a strategy for the Book of Ra, and allows you time to try lots of different tactics without losing any money.

Do this for a little while and, by the time you start to bet on the Book of Ra, your chances of winning the game will be so much higher than before. Like these guys:

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