How to Make Million Dollars Playing Video Poker

Video Poker is one of the easiest games to play. If you are a beginner, winning in video poker is, by far, possible. Comparing to that of slot machines like gold factory and any other spin inclined slots, both of them are popular with the players in a way that almost all players like to engage in these games. However, video poker is praised even more than slots since it has a higher return of money and higher odds of obtaining prizes.

Video poker can also be compared to its table version. In the start of the game, you will be asked to put in some minimal bets in the desk for which all the players can win. However, in the virtual version, you can play against the banker or with other players. In the table version of video poker, you need to compete with the banker and other players since all your winnings are from other players, unlike the virtual version. After which, you will be given 5 cards and if you feel like your cards are better than others, then you bet on it. However, if the banker’s card is better, your bet will be placed on the jackpot.

Playing Video poker is just an easy task. However, winning requires more strategies and experience. With just enough knowledge, making a million dollar with video poker is possible. Jean and Brad Scott, two of the most successful human beings who were named as “Frugal Gamblers”, shared their secret on how they made millions with playing video poker. They have been gambling for more than 30 years and they have obtained success farther than they expected. Their earnings were enormous that tax officials demanded them to document their income. They were famous for beating the odds of the Casinos, specifically video poker.

They claimed that there are really no special bullets for success. You should gain experience and mind important aspects that may affect your games and your winnings. You should take into account these things:

Choosing the good games

Make sure to pick the best games that give a higher chance of winning. Above all, video poker is considered as the best in aspects like prizes, bets, and winnings.

Learn strategies

Learning some important strategies is a good bullet to your gun. Try to observe more with how the game works or look at professional players of video poker and how they play the game.

Money Management

Managing your money is an essential thing in gambling. All professional gamblers know that money management Is one key of acquiring success.


Do a little bit of research and familiarization of the game. A filled mind will lead to a plentiful wallet so better put on your pens and notebooks and scan the net.

Befriending Math

Math is a must friend in playing video poker. It will help you calculate odds, possibilities, or even your earnings in the road to million dollar winnings.


Take time in getting promos and discounts in any gambling platform. In this way, you can save more while spending less.

A fluctuating ride

Expect that playing video poker or any game in the casino is a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs.

Having fun

The first thing to have in gambling is fun. Try not to lose this aspect as far as you go.


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