Legitimate Winning Online Roulette Strategies

There are three common types of online roulette games available on judi sbobet. This one strategy can be used if you want to optimize your chance of winning. To master this strategy you have to spend some time online working with it. With a little practice you can learn how to use this strategy effectively and win without having too much of an outlay to begin with.

Strategy Number One

Buy a stack of 20 $1 chips. Break it down into 5 stacks each containing 4 chips. Play 5 6-line bets. Covering as many numbers as you can is important. Spread out your bets so they cover two rows. This will allow you to cover 5 of the 6 possible winning lines and improve your odds of winning. If you win you will increase your chip count from 20 to 24.

Step Number Two

Next, break your 24 chips into two stacks of 12. Use one stacks of 12 to cover one of the dozens. Use the other stack to cover another of the dozens. That lets you cover two of the three dozens and improves your chance of winning. Should the ball land on one of your dozens, it will pay 2-1 on your bet. That will pay 24 chips. Add your original bet of 12 and your total is now 36 chips. This strategy works especially well when you play European Roulette through an online casino because you can win with even money when playing outside bets in European roulette.

Step Number Three

Now that you have 36 chips, break them down into 6 stacks each with 6 chips. Cover 6 corner bets using your 6 chip stacks. Spread them out and don’t double up. This will let you cover as much of the table as possible. A winner will get you 48 chips and leave you with 54 chips in total.

Step Number Four

Break your 54 chips into 9 stacks each one with 6 chips. Place them on 9 of the 12 street bets. This enables you to improve your odds of winning because you will have covered most of the possibilities. When you win you will get 66 chips and with your 6 chip bet your total is now 72 chips.

Step Number Five

Next, break your 72 chips into 14 stacks, each with 5 chips. Cover 14 different split bets. With the two chips you have left over, place them on any empty number. A winning split bet gives you a win total of 85 chips. Add the 5 chips you bet and you now have 90 chips in total.

Step Number Six

Now go for straight up bets. They’re the roulette wheel’s highest paying bets. Break your 90 chips into 22 stacks with 4 chips in each. Place the stacks on as many of the straight up numbers as you can. Place your two left over chips on two empty numbers. Hit a winning number and you get 140 chips. With the chips you bet you now have 144 chips or $144. That’s an excellent return on the $20 you invested.

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