How to find free online resources for learning online poker

If you want to learn how to play online poker before you sign up for a site that offers it, you may not want to spend any money to do so. After all, most of your gambling money will be going to actually play the game and not to be spent on lessons.

That being said there are some excellent free online resources for learning online poker that, if you use as many as you can, will teach you how to play the game just as well as will any paid options.

Poker schools — There are various online poker schools set up to help people learn how to adapt their playing style to an online environment. These schools tend to offer paid lessons, but some have trials and others have free lessons you can take.

Check out a few schools and sign up to learn the basics for free. You can learn the more complicated tricks from other resources.

Pokersprout videos — While Pokersprout itself offers paid lessons for those who want to learn how to play online poker, it also has a video section that is free.

The videos are excellent as not only do they give you some great tips and tricks, but they also offer quizzes at the end of the video so you will retain what you learn as well.

Online poker forums — These are excellent if you want to talk to other poker players and learn how they adapted their game to play on the Internet.

There are several very large online forums and many more smaller ones. Join at least one of the big ones, and then look for some of the smaller ones where you may not feel quite so overshadowed by the seasoned players.

Read all the topics pertaining to your poker questions on each site and, if you do not find topics answering some of your own questions, start a new one. You may be surprised at just how many online poker players will be happy to help you improve.

Of course, also be willing to help anyone that asks for your opinion or advice as well.

Play, play and play again — There really is no substitute for playing poker online as this is how you will really learn. From your own mistakes.

Sign up with a couple of sites and play as many hands as you can afford to play every day. You can always play the low stakes hands so that you have more money to play.

Do not just play, however, but also make notes about the mistakes you feel you made in games, what you saw your opponents doing and, if you had to play the same hand again, how you would play it differently.

By monitoring your own situs poker playing online, you will adapt your game quite quickly to online needs and soon discover you are able to compete with some of the players that have been playing online for a while.

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