Difference between Texas and Omaha Hold’em

Omaha and Texas Hold’em are popular variants of 홀덤 poker. While Texas Hold’em is played more commonly than Omaha, both the games have quite a few similarities in their formats. If you want to learn the formats and techniques of the two games and how they differ from each other, continue reading for important insights.

Game Formats

The point of difference between Texas and Omaha is the hole cards dealt in the starting hand. In Texas Hold’em, two cards are dealt, and in Omaha, 4 hole cards are dealt out to the players.

In Omaha Hold’em, players do not have to discard any of the hole cards, but their final hand should have two hole cards and three community cards. It means that even if you get four aces as hole cards, which are quite rare, though, you still cannot use all the four aces for your hand.

In contrast, two hole cards are dealt and then five community cards. Players have to make a combination of five-card hands from the seven cards dealt with them. The hand can be made in three ways; two hole cards and three communal cards, 1 hole card and 4 communal cards, or no hole card and 5 communal cards, which is also referred to as playing the board.


Now that we understand the difference in the game formats let’s move forward with further points of difference.

  • Since there are four hole cards in Omaha, there are more possible combinations than in Texas. Therefore, when each community card is dealt with, it can have a huge impact on the relative value of the hand since the combinations can change with each new card. Therefore, Omaha is more complex than Texas Hold’em. While Texas has 169 combinations of starting hands, Omaha has 16432 combinations.
  • In terms of complexity, Omaha exceeds Texas by quite a margin. Players need to keep their game strong and have a tight hold in pre-flop and post-flop rounds; otherwise, the game will slip away.
  • As there are 4 hole cards dealt in Omaha, it has a huge impact on the game, and it is possible to make big hands. Even if you have a strong hand and have a great probability of winning, your opponent may also have a strong hand, reducing your possibility of winning.
  • Omaha is most often played along with the format of a pot-limit game. So, the player can only raise equivalent to the value of the pot, and consequently, the number of chips won and lost in one round is limited. Therefore while the game is complex, the betting is predictable in Omaha as bet sizes are limited. On the other hand, Texas Hold’em is played as a no-limit game usually. So, there is no limit, and players can choose to go all-in if they want.

Final remarks

When you visit a casino, you will hardly find a table or two dedicated to Omaha, while Texas has multiple tables. The reason is that since Texas is mostly a straightforward game, Omaha requires strategy and careful deliberation, and the experienced players have a clear advantage over the novices. Thus, Omaha is difficult to learn and play and is not preferred by most who want to play to win.